Vanilla Frosting by Beija Flor | Gold
Flower | Flow Kana

Vanilla Frosting by Beija Flor | Gold

per 1/8 oz
Total THC23.0%

Vanilla Frosting by Beija Flor is a high-potency sweet treat that is out of this world. This hybrid strain has over 28% total cannabinoids, including 1% of CBG. Vanilla Frosting goes down creamy, with a smooth aroma of nutty vanilla and a hint of diesel. The dense buds are a silvery green with hints of purple, sticky with glistening white trichomes. This is one cultivar you definitely want to dry hit first. Flow Kana sources from and gives scale to independent farmers in Northern California to bring you the finest sun-grown, craft cannabis. This jar is 100% recyclable and reusable.

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