Pineapple Rising by Elysian Fields | Gold
Flower | Flow Kana

Pineapple Rising by Elysian Fields | Gold

per 1/8 oz
Total THC24.0%

Pineapple Rising, grown by Elysian Fields in Mendocino County, is a Sativa-leaning hybrid cross of Pineapple Raspberry Kush and Tahoe OG. With an aroma of sweet, tropical crushed pineapples mixed with earthy pine, this flower is a light and fun all-day smoker. Offering a light body high with a strong head high giving an upbeat and peaceful temperament that no matter the weather, you'll always bring the sunshine. Flow Kana Gold Eighths & Quarters contain small batch cannabis from independent farmers using only the power of the sun and organic inputs that provide a consistent and reliable selection of carefully curated, sustainably cultivated, sungrown products.

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